How To Cure Cracked Heels, Cracked Feet and Cracked Lips

With summer upon us, dry, cracked, heels and feet are often a problem. Cure severe cracking of the feet with Qtica Overnight Foot Repair Balm. It contains salicylic acid, which aids in reducing calluses. After application it is best to wear cotton booties like Ms. Pedicure Moisture-Lock Socks. Doing so will raise your body temperature opening your pores and allowing moisture to easily be absorbed.

Cracked Lips? Try Qtica Intense Lip Repair Balm it seals over cuts, cracks, and cold sores, healing them within days. Qtica Lip Repair Balm is a favorite beauty solution of spas,


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How to Prevent Lifting After a Nail Service

To prevent separation at the free edge between your natural nail and enhancement, apply Solar Oil under the nails. When our natural nails are dehydrated they will curl down and away from the enhancement causing a gap between the enhancement and natural nail. This can cause cracking and chipping of your nail enhancement.


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Did You Know?

Prolonged use of formaldehyde nail strengtheners may cause the nail to become brittle and start peeling. There are many kinds of nail strengtheners on the market today and each have a designated use. Even though using a nail strengthener with formaldehyde will make the nail hard at first, over time it may cause the nail to become brittle and start peeling.

If you have just removed artificial enhancements start out with a strengthener containing formaldehyde to give the nail the strength it is used to from the acrylic. After a couple of months change your regimen


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Sugar Scrubs vs. Salt Scrubs

Sugar scrubs and salt scrubs both exfoliate very well but have different advantages.

Sugar is a mild abrasive because its granules are quite small. Sugar is very moisturizing as it pulls moisture out of the air and applies it to the area you are exfoliating.

Salt is slightly more abrasive than sugar because the granules are a little larger. It is an anti-inflammatory and also cleanses the pores for optimal hydration.

Two Scrubs I Highly Recommend:

Qtica’s Mandarin Honey Sugar Scrub
Sugar exfoliates


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